8 of the Best Quality Picture Frames on Amazon

By Lianne at LAN Photography | Updated on 01/05/22

I independently research, test, and recommend the best products. I may receive commissions on purchases made from my chosen links.

You've just bought that stunning print, poster, or photograph. And now you realize...  "What kind of frame am I supposed to buy?!" You're in luck - I've done the research for you! I've chosen these 10 frames based on their stellar reviews and budget-friendly prices. These quality Amazon frames offer endless display options to fit your interior design style. 

1. Mimosa Moments Metal Floating Picture Frame

Colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Sizes: 2x3", 4x6", 5x7", 8x10" (Also available horizontally) 

A minimalistic and modern metal frame with pressed glass. The frame is made of steel with an attractive silver or gold tone finish. Perfect for displaying on shelving, side tables, dressers, etc. 

2. Golden State Art Wood Frame

Colors: White, Black, Silver, Distressed White, Distressed Walnut Brown, Distressed Gold, Distressed Black

Sizes: 8x12" White Mat, 12x16" Frame 

This frames provides an amazing variety for any 8x12" or 12x16" photo. With 7 tones to choose from, it can display perfectly on any wall. 

3. FrameWorks Deluxe Contemporary Picture Frame

Colors: Black, Gold, Silver

Sizes: 5x7" matted to 4x6", 8x10" matted to 5x7", 11x14" matted to 8x10", 11x17", 12x12" matted to 8x8", 12x16" matted to 8x12", 12x18" matted to 11x17", 16x20" matted to 11x14", 18x24" matted to 12x18"

This durable frame allows for several possibilities depending on the sizes of your photos. It has a clean, classic look with high quality aluminum and tempered glass. Many of the reviews state that it is a great value for the price. 

4. DACRI Home Magnetic Poster Hanger Frame

Colors: Natural Wood, Black, White

Sizes: 11", 12", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 24", 27", 28", 30", 36", 40"

An incredibly versatile frame that is compatible with numerous amount of print sizes. The magnets are able to support heavy prints up to 0.5lb. The frame is made of solid teak wood; perfect for keeping scroll posters straight. 

5. Frame Amo Black Picture Frame

Colors: Black

Sizes: 12x18" Mat, 16x24" Frame

For your larger prints and posters, this sleek black frame is an excellent option. It's also available as a 3 pack. The frame is made out of Wood Composite Material and a Plexiglass with a removable protective film. 

6. DBWIN Rustic Brown Wood Frame (2 Pack)

Colors: Brown, Black, White

Sizes: 5x7", 8x10", 11x14", 11x17", 12x18", 13x19", 16x20", 18x24"

For those looking for a more rustic style, but still modern, these faux wood frames are perfect. The fact that they come in larger sizes means they are great for pairing together as a statement piece about a couch or bed. This frame is also made out of Wood Composite Material and a Plexiglass with a removable protective film. 

7. MCS Gallery Wall Frame

Colors: Black, Brass, Dark Silver

Sizes: 16x24", 18x24", 12.5"x12.5", 8x10" matted to 4x6", 11x14" matted to 5x7", 11x14" matted to 8.5x11", 12x12" matted to 8x8", 14x18" matted to 8x10", 16x20" matted to 11x14"

Another quality frame with tons of variety. The larger mat options give it a sophisticated feel. Each frame color is finished with linear brushing in order to create a sleek and contemporary display.

8. Cool Modern Frames Clear Floating Frame

Colors: Gold Hardware, Silver Hardware

Sizes: 8x10", 11x14", 11x17", 16x20", 18x24"

While these frames require a little more effort for installation, they are definitely my favorite. The floating frame gives an elegant and modern look. Use it as a statement piece or create an entire gallery wall with the variety of sizes. 

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