Springtime in Mexico City (The Best Time to Visit)

By Lianne at LAN Photography | Updated on 05/04/22

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CDMX has easily become my favorite big city in the world. Why? The. Food. But also the stunning architecture and endless activities to try out. If you visit around March and April, the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom, covering the streets with purple pedals. The weather is still crisp, and warms up in the afternoon. And let's not forget it's music festival season. Springtime in Mexico City is the truly best time to visit. After spending almost 2 months in CDMX, I'm going to break down our favorite places, food, and what areas we like to stay at.     

Para Comer

In no particular order, here are the places we kept craving and going back to: 

Molino "El Pujol" - Absolutely riquísimo corn-based delicacies. Some of the best tamales I've ever had and it's where we were introduced to the fried avocado taco. Grab a cerveza artesenal and enjoy the patio. 

Rincón Tarasco - Mouth-watering carnitas. Stumbled upon this place during lunchtime in Escandón. 

Pasillo de Humo - Delicious brunch spot with decent prices. Make sure to get the flan, it's decadent. 

Cariñito Tacos - Amazing fusion tacos and cool hangout spot. The owner was super friendly as well. 

Mercado Medellin  - A lovely market tucked away in Roma. They have a ton of food stalls, and vendors selling all the fruit, meat, and snacks you need. 

Forte - I won't sit here and pretend that I haven't been to Panadería Rosetta at least five times... but let's hype up other other bakeries, shall we?  

Our Fav Ways to Explore the City

1. Talk a stroll around Parque México. This is one of my favorite parks (ever) and during the spring the gorgeous, purple jacaranda trees line the streets. Calle Amsterdam borders the entire park, and it's a great route to bike, people watch, or just take a casual stroll. 

2. Catch a Music Festival. This is our preferred thing to do in every city (lol), but Mexico City puts on a good party and springtime is festival season! Our favorites so far have been Festival Ceremonia and Vive Latino

3. Volunteer & dog walk at a shelter. Every weekend, there is a refugio del perros (dog shelter) that brings adoptable dogs to Parque México. During the week, they're open to having volunteers help take care of the dogs. 

4. Spend hours exploring el Museo Nacional de Antropología. They have an impressive collection and it's located inside Bosque de Chapultapec. We spent a whole day walking around the park after visiting the museum. 

5. Ride the "magical Trajineras Xochimilco." Grab a few friends (or several), a bottle of tequila (or several), and take a taxi down to Chililico. You can rent colorful boats along with a guide and enjoy hours cruising along the waterways. 

6. Hang out in Coyoacán and visit the Frida Kahlo Museum. (Be sure to snag a reservation in advance!) For myself, it was super interesting seeing Frida's photography and a few of her belongings. Coyoacán is a charming neighborhood with a lively zocalo. Sit down, people watch, and grab some nearby tacos.       

7. Bike around Centro. Mexico City bike culture is something we hope to experience more of. Every Sunday, busy streets such as Avenida Reforma are shut down for cyclists. This is a perfect way to see the downtown area and its impressive architecture. 

8. Check out Huerto Roma Verde. We stumbled upon this cool garden/co-op/art space/community that's dedicated to recycling materials and hosts several events each month. 

My Mexico City Botanical Print

Even in big cities, I gravitate towards any type of nature. This shot was taken at the UNAM Botanical Garden while strolling around el Bosque de Chapultepec. 

You can purchase this print in my Etsy shop.     

Find a Home Base

When we're staying in a new place and working at the same time, our favorite way to immerse ourselves in the city's culture is to stay at least a month. This can be such a budget friendly option, especially with the monthly discounts offered by hosts on Airbnb. 

In Mexico City, the Roma, Condesa, and Polanco neighborhoods have been hot spots with the best restaurants, bars, and things to do. That being said, the apartments in those areas come at a price.  We found that Escandón was the perfect neighborhood that fit our budget for a long-term stay. It is still walkable to all the great neighborhoods, has a great mercado, and of course, safe. 

Who knows, maybe one of these days we'll check out what Mexico City has to offer in the winter... But for now, you can't beat the springtime charm 🌸✨ Looking for more Mexico content? Check out my other photo journals: 



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