Jardín, Antioquia - A Weekend Spanish Immersion Program

By Lianne at LAN Photography | Updated on 03/23/22

July 2017

During our time in Medellín, I decided to hop on a 4 hour bus to spend a weekend in Jardín, Antioquia with my amazing Spanish tutor, Alejandra. She runs a multi-day Spanish Immersion Program, which can be booked through Hablea Global Dialogs

I was lucky enough to be the only guest in the program that weekend, so I had several hours of private Spanish lessons where I learned about the culture and history of the magical pueblo. It was my first time speaking Spanish consistently for more that 2 hours at a time. Obviously, I butchered our conversations the entire weekend, but Alejandra was extremely patient. 

We toured the town square - one of my favorite parts because it fills up with locals in the afternoon and everyone meets up to grab a cup of coffee. The main cathedral is incredible, as well as the surrounding areas which flourish with all sorts of plants - hence the name, Jardín.          

My Jardín Print

I quickly became enamored with the colorful houses and how beautifully they contrasted the lush hills surrounding the pueblo. 

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We took the local transportation (a chiva) up into the hills to Finca Los Angeles in order to learn how coffee is produced. This weekend is clearly where my coffee addiction began.  

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