Trekking to the Lost City in Colombia

By Lianne at LAN Photography | Updated on 03/08/22

June 2017

I'm more of a recreational hiker, and therefore never thought I would find myself doing a multi-day hike.  Trekking to the Lost City in Colombia turned out to be truly rewarding and quite an adventure. It was no easy task (cue slogging through the mud and a giant spider or two), but definitely an eye-opening experience. This post will highlight our trip and provide some information for fellow travelers. 

About the Trek

La Ciudad Perdida (or the Lost City) is located in the lush mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We chose to do the 4-day hike through Lost City Colombia. It's a hefty 50 kilometers in total. On third day, a casual 1,200 stone steps await you in order to reach the Lost City. This trek is not a loop, therefore we had to re-trace our steps on the fourth and final day. 

Our Guide

We were led by a member of the Kogui indigenous community as well as a translator. It was incredible experience to learn about the region, the communities' way of life, and how they are fighting to protect the area. 

The picture below is not just a rock, it is a map of the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range, or at least what the communities have covered. The carved lines indicate the rivers. The small, white square at the bottom-right is actually a map of the lost city area, already 30km into the Sierra Nevada


Food and accommodation is all taken care of and included in the price. Mules followed us along the trail and carried the bulk of our supplies. However, you will need to carry your own backpack with personal items and water. 

The Scenery

We trekked during the rainy season (lucky us lol), so the slippery trails added an extra level of difficulty. All of use were basically tumbling and slipping down the trails, but our guide impressively (and gracefully) powered through the route - never slipping once. 

The photos don't do it justice - it was a magical 4 days being immersed in the tropics. Surprisingly, we encountered more livestock than wildlife. We were hoping to see a bit more, especially birds, since the region is home to hundreds of species. But who knows - we probably missed a few things while looking at our feet trying not to trip down the mountains. 

My Lost City Print

After reaching the top of La Ciudad Perdida, our guide stopped to sit down and gaze at the mountains, waiting for the groups to finish with their photos and selfies. 

You can purchase this print in my Etsy shop

50% of the profits will go to Fundación ProSierra - an organization that has executed several projects for the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. 

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